RACS, RACR, RACS+R: Which is Right for You?

Wondering which Recruitment Academy certification program is right for you? Here is our guide to making the best informed decision for your professional development needs. 

All programs include two-month access to online training content taught by experts, lifetime online community access, content updates as available, and final certification backed by the Recruitment Academy Advisory Board and our international corporate credibility partners. 


The Recruitment Academy Certified Sourcer program is the first level of training offered. RACS consists of 17 hours of pre-recorded training modules taught by 5 experts in the HR and recruiting field. RACS training content includes staffing trends, candidate life cycle, talent mapping, recruitment automation, personal branding for HR, and more. RACS provides a strong foundation for your further training in HR and recruitment. If you would prefer to take an initial step in your recruitment training journey, RACS is the program for you. One option available to you is to begin with RACS certification, and complete the RACR program at a later time. 


The Recruitment Academy Certified Recruiter program is the second level of training offered, and consists of 13 hours of training taught by 8 experts. The content for RACR includes effective online and in-person interviewing techniques, psychology of job interviews, legal aspects of recruitment today, modern psycho-diagnostic tools, artificial intelligence in recruitment, and more. Due to the more advanced nature of the psychology-related content, RACR content generally applies to more senior recruiters. 


Our best value offered to you is the combined Recruitment Academy Certified Sourcer and Recruiter training program. With RACS+R, you will gain the most comprehensive training that encompasses all 30 hours of both RACS and RACR training content. Choosing RACS+R allows for you to learn from the corporate experience of 11 industry experts. In order to develop and maintain the strongest competitive advantage for yourself and your work in the field of HR and recruiting, we recommend choosing RACS+R, the most effective and all-encompassing certification program. 


Petra Brabencová

Petra Brabencová





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