How to maintain discipline in online education

It is getting harder and harder to stay focused in the online environment. Do you want to end procrastination once and for all and finish your online courses? We bring you 7 useful tips on how to do it. 

1. Focus on your goal.

Whether you are just deepening your existing knowledge during the courses, or you are completely changing the field and learning the issue, focus on your goal. You will become a more respected expert in the field, you will become more attractive on the labor market, and you will be promoted, or your salary will be increased. These are already relatively interesting motivational incentives. Focus on them.

2. Plan.

Did you know that a clearly written plan increases the chances of successfully completing the course many times over? Therefore, before you start, carefully plan which day and hour you will be educated.

TIP! Set a specific day of the week for online education. Such a ritual will help you avoid the decision-making process that often forces you to procrastinate. 

3. Make it interesting.

With the "covid" period, our homes also turned into a workplace, kindergarten, or school. Because we have been operating exclusively in the online environment for some time, it is important to distinguish work from other activities. 

TIP! Change the environment! All you must do is move to another room for another type of activity. As soon as possible, take the opportunity to sit in a café or library. The changing environment is guaranteed to excite you. If you travel often, do not hesitate to use your time efficiently and reduce your time by educating online. The reward will be not only the acquired knowledge, but also a great feeling of your own productivity.

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4. Overcome obstacles.

Working and learning from home with a lock-down offers many pitfalls and attractions that need to be resisted. Close the door of the room where you are currently studying, clear your desk, turn on the quiet music in the background, and turn off notifications on all devices that might disturb you. Freedom or FocalFilter applications that prevent you from visiting other websites can be great helpers. 

TIP! If you are bothered by noise in your area, try headphones with active noise cancellation.

5. Take notes.

There is nothing better to stay active than to get actively involved. You can easily achieve this by taking notes. You can carefreely enrich them with paintings and scribbles, which increase the chance that you will remember the fabric by up to 30%.

6. Take advantage of the flexibility of education.

Flexibility is an indisputable advantage of online education. You have a unique opportunity to attend online lessons anytime and anywhere, so why not take advantage of it! Pre-recorded courses also allow us to divide lectures into larger blocks and use breaks to breathe fresh air, stretch or go for a glass of water. Recharge the necessary energy and you can continue.

7. Involve the others.

Engage a colleague, friend or family and take online courses together. Not only can you help each other understand learning topics, but you will also motivate each other!

We wish you all much success in online education and we believe that our tips will help you even successfully complete all courses. Remember the words of Henry Ford: “Everyone who stops educating is old, whether in his twenties or eighty. Everyone in education stays young.” 

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