GoodCall Announces Expansion to Poland

The Prague-based recruitment agency brings its innovative, omnichannel approach to an exciting new Central European market

GoodCall, a Prague-based recruitment agency that has brought new processes, trends and technologies into the field of recruitment since its inception in 2014, has announced their expansion into Poland. This follows GoodCall’s recent expansion into Slovakia, and is another step in the company’s long-term vision of operating throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

GoodCall is a modern recruitment company assisting companies both small and large in their HR marketing and market-engagement practices with the goal of acquiring the best talent available. GoodCall takes a modern, sophisticated approach to sourcing and working with communities across segments, as well as utilizing social media, mobile applications, personal meetings and networking. The company’s expansion will change the way Polish companies approach recruitment.

“We aren’t entering Poland as just another HR agency. We’ve developed specialized services in talent sourcing that will fit perfectly into the market,” says Blake Wittman, GoodCall’s European Director for Expansion. “Our clients in Poland will be able to order only the initial phase of the recruitment process, meaning we will create a list of suitable candidates for them, or we will supply an external list of potential talents, the Talent Pool, which will then be handed over to experienced HR teams,” he adds.

“I’m thrilled that GoodCall is expanding and continuing to produce experts in our industry. We are very proud to send one of our internal colleagues, Pavel Zahradníček—who grew up in our company and knows it from the ground up—for a new mission that opens another chapter of our work. Of course, we have a great deal of respect for the Polish market, but we are sure that our innovative approach to recruitment will be welcomed there,” says Milan Novák, GoodCall Group CEO.

With labor shortages across Central Europe, companies need to find new ways to connect with potential employees. GoodCall’s latest expansion means that Polish companies will now have the opportunity to use GoodCall’s state-of-the-art approach to recruitment to find and hire the best and most talented individuals across the country.

About GoodCall

GoodCall brings a refreshingly new approach to recruitment, using premium, superior processes and tools that they’ve invested in since before their inception. Their 60-person Virtual Talent Sourcing hub, iOS & Android mobile app, and one-of-a-kind Recruitment Academy trains the region’s top sourcers. This distinctive approach proactively explores candidate pools using social recruitment methodology, combining video and mobile technology. They offer flexi-pricing, which means you can pay only for the services that you want. Alternatively, for a simple hourly fee, they can outsource ad-hoc research or a full-time talent sourcer to complete whatever tasks are agreed.

For more information, please contact:

Pavel Zahradníček
GoodCall Country Manager Poland

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