3 Must-Know Tips for Recruitment 2023


With each new year, there is a new opportunity to reassess and retarget your personal and organizational recruitment plan. While mapping out your upcoming recruitment journey, being aware of the potential obstacles are a must to achieve key benchmarks! Often, organizations assume trends have little or no impact on their operations in one year alone; especially concerning recruitment. However, these 3 trends can make or break your plans and goals, potentially devastating company culture and making growth stagnate. It is not enough to just be aware of them, but to plan around them is to enable your organization’s success.


1. Growth Potential as a Requirement


When making a 2023 recruitment plan it starts with those already in your organization. Not only should you shape your organization’s recruitment values around existing employees, but existing employees also want to feel desired and supported. This requires an internal recruitment effort beyond just holiday gift cards and birthday cakes.


Per Microsoft's most recent Work Trend Index, 76% of employees would stay longer if there was more beneficial learning and development support. Not only that, but 56% of employees and 68% of decision-makers say there are not enough growth opportunities in their current organization.


Employees want to learn and develop as business professionals, especially the ambitious Gen Z and Millennial generations. Here are some ways you can meet their expectations:

- Ask them in which ways they want to develop and tailor your efforts

- Hold both soft and hard skill training sessions with internal and external experts

- Give them opportunities to work outside their day-to-day role, such as a job shadow program



2. We’re Human, We Need Social Connection


In the past years, social isolation was a given for the safety of those around us. However, as restrictions get lifted across the globe one thing is apparent: employees missed social connection and schedule flexibility and autonomy is preferred.


However, 73% of employees and 78% of decision makers need more than just expectation to come into the office. The previous notions of in-office work needs to change to retain talent and encourage a collaborative work environment.


The best way to encourage desire to work in-person is to facilitate and enable team building through non-conventional means. No doubt, easier said than done. However, you know your teams better than others do, so have faith. Try, for example, paintballing, rotational “game day”, or using company communication platforms for interpersonal connectivity.


3. Utilization of AI

Although bonding is important, productivity is too! Without a good balance between the two, an organization cannot be profitable or achieve its desired goals. Thanks to advances in technology in recent years, AI can be utilized to make your recruitment efforts more effective and less monotonous for your HR teams!

Letting your HR team do tasks that are interesting and challenging for their skills and development will not only create a more effective team, but (as mentioned in trend #1) encourage them to stay longer!

Allow your employees to less paper-pushing whenever possible, in numerous ways:

- Data entry and talent pool management

- Pre-qualification research prior to the first interview

- Interactive, real-time dashboards personalized to your business

And more!


AI is a wonderful, time-saving and cost-saving tool however, it must be used properly and has different uses based on industry, geography, and organization size. Do your own research on what tools work best for the organization.


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Braydon Simms

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