How to attract Generation Z into your workplace

Generation Z behaves differently in the workplace than the previous generation of millennials. While millennials are often looking for jobs that are meaningful and meet their values, Gen Z is more focused on finances and stability. They are also often looking for jobs that allow them to have flexible hours and work from home.

Communication with Generation Z

Generation Z prefers written communication rather than calling. Many of them feel more comfortable communicating via text messages, emails and social media rather than by phone or in person. This trend is also reflected in the recruitment industry, where it is advisable to offer candidates the opportunity to communicate through their preferred channel to ensure effective communication and a positive recruitment experience. 

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5 ways how to attract Generation Z in the hiring process

Companies must be able to adapt to the needs of Generation Z if they want to attract and retain them in the workforce, read on for some possible steps:

1) Flexible working hours and home office

Generation Z is more oriented towards flexibility and working from home, so companies should be able to offer flexible working hours and of course a home office. 

2) Modern technology

Generation Z is tech-savvy, so give them powerful technology to work with that won't hold them back from completing their tasks. 

3) Interesting benefits

Instead of offering only basic benefits like health insurance and pension, companies could offer interesting benefits like in-house training programs, development programs, sports activities, etc.

4) Opportunity for quick career advancement

 Generation Z is ambitious and looking for a job that allows them to advance their career quickly.

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 5) The difference between millennials and Gen Z

Generation Z is generally very creative, flexible and innovative. They prefer teamwork, active communication and a high level of autonomy in solving tasks. It is also important to them that their work is meaningful and contributes to society. While having a job with flexible working hours and working based on results was very important to millennials, for Generation Z, a key factor in choosing a job is the opportunity to develop and grow at work. Unlike millennials, Generation Z is also very open to using modern technology and new trends in the workplace. For example, it is very common for this generation to use cloud applications, social media and other modern collaboration tools, as they are a generation that grew up on social media and it is common for them to spend up to 10 hours a day online.  

Today, Generation Z is entering the job market and it can be a big challenge for employers to create the ideal work environment for them. It is important to realize that Gen Z is different from other generations in many ways and this needs to be taken into account when hiring.

Petra Brabencová

Petra Brabencová





Petra Brabencová

Petra Brabencová





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