Recruitment Academy Trained 40 HR Professionals in Albania

Recruitment Academy, a leading provider of HR training and development services, delivered a comprehensive training session in Albania for 40 HR professionals from 26 different companies. The speaker was José Kadlec, Founder and CEO of Recruitment Academy.

The participants were given an opportunity to learn about Social Media Recruitment and the latest talent sourcing techniques from one of the leading experts in the field. José Kadlec said: “We are proud to be able to bring our expertise and knowledge to this region and help the local HR community to innovate their recruitment processes. We look forward to continuing our mission even further in the years ahead.”

The 40 participants from industries such as Banking, Retail or Telco were taken through an intensive curriculum that covered topics such as how to identify the right social media platforms to use for recruitment, how to craft compelling job descriptions and advertisements, and how to leverage social media analytics to track recruitment success.The program was interactive, allowing the participants to engage with the speaker, sharing best practices and learning from real-life case studies.

“I had not participated in such a training for a long time, overall for me it takes 10/10. With the use of various visuals and practical examples, the training took us on a journey through the world of social media recruitment and showed us how to make the most of every platform. The trainer was a real social media guru, who knew exactly how to captivate our attention and keep us hooked throughout the entire session,” said Dea Babo, Recruitment & Business Partner Officer at Raiffeisen Bank.

About Recruitment Academy

Recruitment Academy is a specialized educational authority in the field of recruitment. Currently, we offer our services in 12 countries situated in Central and Eastern Europe. Besides courses and trainings, Recruitment Academy offers certification programs for HR professionals and thereby sets the standard for modern recruiters and talent sourcers. The certifications and quality of the trainings are guaranteed by our Academic Board and selected companies.


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