A look back at Recruitment Academy’s sourcing and recruiting certification course

June 6th marked the end of Recruitment Academy’s sourcing (RACS) and recruiting (RACR) global certification course. For only the second time ever, as opposed to in-person trainings taking place in the specific countries, the course was offered in a fully online setting—and it was a success! Recruitment and HR specialists from all around Europe participated in the 4 day course and received extensive training in relevant sourcing and recruiting skills. Led by José Kadlec, the first officially certified LinkedIn recruiter in central and eastern Europe and co-founder of Recruitment Academy, a team of 7 of the field’s renowned experts from Red Bull, Deloitte Legal, and GoodCall provided the course’s 50+ participants with the most comprehensive international HR education available. 

What are Recruitment Academy certifications?

The course provided opportunity for 2 levels of certification: RACS (Certified Sourcer) and RACR (Certified Recruiter). Attendees chose which level of training to participate in and were given the opportunity for prestigious certification by passing an online test at the end of the course. Those that passed the test became internationally recognized HR specialists. The certification is signed by all members of the Recruitment Academy advisory board—headed by former Microsoft Europe President Jan Muehlfeit. It is also recognized and supported by credibility partners Nestlé, L’Oréal, Red Bull, Deloitte, and Faurecia.

RACS (Certified Sourcer)

The first 2 days of the course were geared towards training in the following topics: talent sourcing, ad creation, branding, market trends, diversity in recruitment, talent mapping, live sourcing, and candidate life cycle. Led by course guides José Kadlec, Milan Novak (co-founder of GoodCall) and Matej Matolin (Talent Partner at Impulse Ventures), the course provided participants with applicable information on every aspect of candidate sourcing and screening. 

RACR (Certified Recruiter)

The RACR training course was an extension of the RACS course that spanned the entire 4 day schedule. Having joined the 4 RACS course guides were Jan J. Zenaty (psychologist and Founding Conspirator at Selfish Kiwi), Romana Martincova (Head of HR at Red Bull for Czech and Slovak Republic), Jan Prochazka (Partner at Deloitte Legal), and Eliska Sonska Steklikova (Chief People Care Officer at GoodCall). Participants gained a depthful understanding of interview techniques, interview psychology, employer branding, automation, psychodiagnostic tools, legal aspects, recruitment measurements, and more. 

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In conclusion

Course participants received a depthful, applicable education in skills necessary for successful recruiting practices, thus resulting in a flurry of positive feedback. Arman Kulenovic, Professional Freelance Recruiter, “learned a whole lot of new information on candidate sourcing and more complex methods of searching and headhunting.” Vildana Deljkic Velasco Rico, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Popcorn Recruiters, believes “the Recruitment Academy covered all important topics within recruitment.” Overall, the courses proved to be a success for the online attendees. Those that passed the online test received prestigious certification in recruiting and/or sourcing and will be able to further their careers with the knowledge they gained. We hope to see you soon at Recruitment Academy’s next sourcing and recruiting course!

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