Webinar Invitation: Legal Hacks on How to Overcome All Limitations of the Non-paid LinkedIn Account and More


A new talent sourcing-themed webinar organized by Recruitment Academy with Josef Kadlec as speaker is going to take place on September 5, 2019. The main topic revolves around sourcing candidates on LinkedIn with tips on how to avoid and overcome the limitations of the free account version. The same webinar has already been held in the past in Czech and due to the fantastic feedback and success it will now be renewed and made available to the international audience.

Josef Kadlec, co-founder of GoodCall, the largest talent sourcing center in the CEE region, and founder of Recruitment Academy, will share his tips and tricks on how to work with the free version of LinkedIn as if it had no limitations and therefore help eliminate the need to pay for the Premium accounts which cost hundreds to thousands of $$$dollars yearly. Moreover, Josef is going to demonstrate various ways to automate certain tasks on LinkedIn so that users will save not only money but also time.

Practical information

Time and Date: Thu, Sep 5, 2019 at 12:00 PM CEST (noon)

Price: 27 EUR (VAT excl.)

Bonus: Free copy of Josef Kadlec’s book People as Merchandise in PDF

Specific content of the webinar

  • - How to overcome all limitations of the Non-paid LinkedIn account
  • - How to overcome limitations of paid/Premium LinkedIn account (yep, even if you pay for LinkedIn, it does not mean that there are no limitations of usage)
  • - How to use some of the paid filters for free - e.g. ZIP code + radius search
  • - How to send a bulk message to 1000 or more selected 1st degree connections and also people you are actually not connected to
  • - How to download e-mail addresses of all or selected group of your 1st degree connections
  • - How to send customized LinkedIn invitations on autopilot
  • - How to get 200 likes on each of your post as a minimum guaranteed
  • - How to use hidden LinkedIn operators and enable some of the hidden or paid LinkedIn features

All of the techniques will be demonstrated hands-on to maximize the participants’ understanding and capability to implement it into their daily LinkedIn routine with immediate effect.

Registration is available HERE.


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