Blake Wittman has taken over CEO duties from Founder, Milan Novak at GoodCall!

Blake Wittman Blake Wittman


GoodCall continues to shake up the recruitment market and their latest move could have a big impact too. Blake Wittman has taken over CEO duties from Founder, Milan Novak at GoodCall Czech Republic. Blake has been with the company for more than a year as Chief Commercial Officer. Milan Novak moves into the Chairman role. Blake has a long, successful career in headhunting and disruptive startups. Plans for 2016 include a new version of the mobile app and a doubling of the current business.

Blake’s energy and excitement for the role are pretty clear: "I’m unbelievably excited to take on this challenge. The GoodCall concept is a true innovation in the market and that drives me so much. I’m honoured to have been part of this business for the past year and my passion has only grown in that time. 2016 will be a big development year for us one when we show the market once again that there is a different way to do recruitment.

"I have known Blake for more than ten years. We worked alongside each other in the past and I always respected his talent to lead, innovate and develop long-lasting business relationships. I was happy when I brought him on board one year ago but now I am even happier when I hand over the CEO responsibilities to somebody I trust and respect.” Milan Novak, Founder and Chairman of GoodCall.


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