Time for a change - HR Management conference [VIDEO Interviews]

Ctirad Lolek - HR Director, O2 Czech Republic Ctirad Lolek - HR Director, O2 Czech Republic

Daniela Souckova (Barclays), Jana Herczeg (Sodexo) and Ctirad Lolek (O2) talk about changes in HR in advance of the largest HR conference in the country, HR 2.0 - TIME FOR A CHANGE.

More information about HR Management conference:

Jana Herczeg - HR Director, Sodexo Benefits

Ctirad Lolek - HR Director, O2 Czech Republic

Ctirad talks about HR getting back to basics and moving away from bureaucracy. In the future HR must see how every process impacts the business.

Branislav Huncik, Chief HR Officer, Penta Investments

Marie Martinkova, Human Resources Director, ING Bank

Marie has spent many years in financial institutions but it’s in ING that she has seen the most interesting ways to innovate. Make sure you watch the whole video to hear how she does this. Also, she mentions new concepts that are changing the market, like GoodCall’s VTS (Virtual Talent Sourcing). We’re so excited!
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