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Robotic automation
New technologies like 3D printing robots and sophisticated software are leading to drastic changes of business processes and new industrial revolution.
According to an ABSL survey, 55% of medium and large SSCs in Czech Republic are actively using automation systems. Automated activities include reporting, analytics, filling out forms, database work and other repetitive tasks. Automation technologies are cost effective, quicker and involve less errors comparing to manual labour, improving quality of services. Automation can be a threat for some job roles but at the same time it eliminates routine manual tasks, giving more space for creativity and higher skilled labour to be trained.

Home office

According to a recent survey by the Association for Business Service Leaders (ABSL) companies from the business services sector offer the opportunity of full or partial “homeoffice” to over 60% of their employees. Some companies allow up to 95% of their employees to work at least partially from home. However, the trend of working from home is spreading not only throughout this segment, it is also popular in IT. The main advantage of homeoffice for companies is unquestionably the lower costs per job.However legislative regulations sometimes make home office complicated to arrange. But there are proposals to change this. 


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