EN - HRMixer.cz - HRMixer.cz https://www.hrmixer.cz Sun, 21 Jul 2024 17:48:42 +0200 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management cs-cz Celebrating Diversity: GoodCall continues to embrace equity and becomes the newest member of the Pride Business Forum https://www.hrmixer.cz/english-articles/835-celebrating-diversity-goodcall-continues-to-embrace-equity-and-becomes-the-newest-member-of-the-pride-business-forum https://www.hrmixer.cz/english-articles/835-celebrating-diversity-goodcall-continues-to-embrace-equity-and-becomes-the-newest-member-of-the-pride-business-forum Celebrating Diversity: GoodCall continues to embrace equity and becomes the newest member of the Pride Business Forum

Here at GoodCall we are thrilled to announce our membership in the Pride Business Forum and our continued commitment to maintain an inclusive workplace recognizing the full rights of all LGBTQ+ people. The Pride Business Forum is committed to the advancement of LGBTQ+ representation within Czech society and we couldn’t be more proud to have the opportunity to partner with such an incredible organisation. Through our partnership, we are continuing to support the integration of fair policies that support equality for LGBTQ+ employees and protect against discrimination in the workplace. 

GoodCall recognises and celebrates the importance of supporting our LGBTQ+ colleagues and the extensive value they add to our organisation. European Business Director Blake Wittman reflects on GoodCall’s new membership saying,'' We believe in redefining the world of recruitment and hold the value of openness at the core of our beliefs at GoodCall. Not only is it necessary to foster an inclusive environment for all of our employees but it is time to redefine office norms to promote a more transparent and welcoming space for LGBTQ+ people not only in HR but in all industries.Through our membership in the Pride Business Forum, we are looking forward to continuing to provide a welcoming and diverse space for people of all identities to thrive”.  

We encourage other employers to join us in our commitment to protecting LGBTQ+ talent in the workplace and promoting equity and diversity for all.



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Green Office. A space for health and creativity https://www.hrmixer.cz/english-articles/803-green-office-a-space-for-health-and-creativity https://www.hrmixer.cz/english-articles/803-green-office-a-space-for-health-and-creativity Green Office. A space for health and creativity

Environmental protection is starting to be the top interest of many people and companies. Most of the planet is trying to find ways to reduce our ecological footprint. The trend of so-called green offices could help achieve this goal. Some companies are already focusing on ecological and sustainable practices that have a positive impact not only on the planet, but also on their employees. Read about how you can contribute to a better working environment and a more sustainable future.

Green buildings and energy efficiency

Green offices are often located in buildings that have been designed and built with energy efficiency in mind. These buildings use innovative technologies such as solar panels, energy-efficient lighting and well-insulated walls. This reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Responsible waste management

Green offices focus on minimizing waste and sorting it properly. In addition, they promote recycling and the use of recycled materials. Employees are encouraged to use digital documents and electronic communications instead of paper or use rechargeable pen batteries, for example.

Employee health and well-being

Green offices also strive to create an environment that supports the health and well-being of employees. This includes green zones with plants, natural lighting and good ventilation. Some offices even offer relaxation rooms or wellness programs for their employees.

Social Responsibility

Green offices not only act for the benefit of the environment, but also for the benefit of the community. They support local projects, volunteer activities and environmental initiatives. In this way, they become part of a wider social movement. 

How to start a green office:

Energy-saving lighting: Replace traditional light bulbs with energy-saving options such as LED bulbs. This will reduce energy consumption and extend the life of the lighting.

Waste Management: Establishing a waste management system is key. Provide sufficient recycling containers for paper, plastic and glass.

Digitize documents: Switch to digital documents and try to minimize the use of paper. Store documents in the cloud and use electronic communication instead of printing.

Sustainable purchasing: Choose products with ecological certificates and support local and environmentally friendly suppliers. Consider using recycled and renewable materials.

Green spaces: Add live plants to the office to improve air quality and create a pleasant atmosphere. Create zones with plants where employees can relax and recharge.

Lighting and air conditioning: Make the most of daylight and optimize temperature and air conditioning settings to reduce energy consumption.

Awareness campaigns: Educate employees about the importance of sustainability and involve them in green initiatives. Organize workshops, competitions or volunteer activities that promote a green approach.

Monitoring and evaluation: Regularly monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of implemented measures. Record and publish your successes in reducing your ecological footprint and motivate employees to actively participate.

The trend of green offices is the future of the working environment. Businesses around the world are realizing the importance of protecting the environment and the positive impact it can have on their employees. Working environments can be sustainable and we can be part of positive change. So, move towards a greener and healthier life.


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All About RACS+R: A Comprehensive Guide https://www.hrmixer.cz/english-articles/801-all-about-racs-r-a-comprehensive-guide https://www.hrmixer.cz/english-articles/801-all-about-racs-r-a-comprehensive-guide All About RACS+R: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you ready to take your recruitment skills to the next level? The internationally recognized RACS+R certification program offered by Recruitment Academy is the right choice for you. Below, you will find a comprehensive guide to all things RACS+R. 

What Is RACS+R? 

The Recruitment Academy Certification in Sourcing and Recruiting is the most comprehensive internationally recognized training program for HR and recruitment specialists. The program consists of two levels: Certified Sourcer (RACS) and Certified Recruiter (RACR), or we encourage participants to become both Sourcer and Recruiter certified through the combined RACS+R program. 


The RACS+R training content is currently being offered entirely online. Recruitment Academy will begin hosting live sessions in December 2023 that will accompany the pre-recorded modules. The pre-recorded training modules will be available to you for two months, giving you the time you need to work at your own pace and in your own learning style. RACS consists of 17 hours of training and RACR consists of 13 hours of training, and the combined RACS+R program consists of 30 hours of material. In addition to the training material, participants share lifetime access to our online community through which they can connect and grow their networks. After the completion of the training models, a multiple choice test will be taken to grant you the certification. There is one test for RACS and one test for RACR, and those enrolled in RACS+R must pass both tests. 

Speakers and Credibility Partners

With RACS+R, you gain the opportunity to learn from 11 major industry experts. Our speakers are chosen to give you the most well-rounded experience in a variety of new and trending topics essential to the HR and recruiting world. Your certification is backed by the Recruitment Academy Advisory Board chaired by Jan Mühlfeit, former president of Microsoft Europe, as well as our international credibility partners, including Nestle, Deloitte, L’Oreal, and more. 


The RACS program costs 400 euros, the RACR program costs 400 euros, and the combined RACS+R program costs 780 euros. 

Why RACS+R? 

Through the RACS+R program, you will benefit from comprehensive training, expert insight, support and networking among industry leaders, and internationally recognized certification. Expect to gain a well-rounded understanding of various aspects of HR and recruitment, with curriculum topics including staffing trend analysis, effective interview strategies, personal and employer branding tactics, automation in recruitment, psychology of interviews, and the most important legal components of recruiting. Experts share their real-world experience and insights to enhance the program credibility and practical applications. The credibility partnerships with Nestlé, Deloitte, L’Oréal, Faurecia, Unilever, and more indicate that these organizations recognize the value and quality of RACS+R. Enhance your knowledge, skills, and professional credibility in the field of HR and recruitment with RACS+R certification.


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How to build a well-functioning team https://www.hrmixer.cz/english-articles/798-how-to-build-a-well-functioning-team https://www.hrmixer.cz/english-articles/798-how-to-build-a-well-functioning-team How to build a well-functioning team

The issue of teamwork has become a phenomenon for modern management of many companies nowadays and creating a well-functioning team is sometimes alchemy.  

Team Building

The most important and primary task of team building is to create a strong and positive bond between team members in the group and to create an atmosphere of trust and security. When we feel comfortable and safe, we work much better and more creatively. Team members should create the conditions in which people can begin to see themselves and other team members as "we".    

Proper Communication 

Communication is key because it builds trust and relationships, and in turn creates a "safe work environment" and will lead to a healthy group environment and effective work process. Good communication creates awareness and understanding and enables team members to complete their tasks efficiently. Of course, skillful communication also includes the art of listening. It is essential to set the rules of communication in the team so that all team members are given space to express themselves. Every team member is entitled to express his or her opinion and be heard.    

 Team Leader

 The success of a work team depends largely on its manager. He or she helps the team to stay on course to achieve the main goal. He or she supports the confidence of the members by developing their skills and competencies. A good leader does not personally blame team members for failure, but sees a failure situation as an opportunity to learn. He or she also looks for constructive ways to overcome obstacles, does not ignore problems and does not gloss over unfulfilled tasks.  

 Celebrating success together

The feeling of a job well done is priceless. But how about trying to reward yourself for successfully completing a project? Go sit down with your team and enjoy the success together. Thank each other for a job well done. All team members will then be motivated for the next project. 

Dealing with failure 

Things don't always go according to plan and failure is part of the job. Let's not look for a culprit to punish for failure, but let's try to understand the real reasons why the project/task failed. We need to sit down openly with the team and identify the problems that have occurred. You learn by making mistakes. By working together, it is possible to take the best of it and do it differently and better next time.    

And that's what it's all about - each of us can contribute to making the team we work in a great one, and we feel fulfilled because we are doing what we are good at and find the work meaningful.  

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Recruitment Academy Presents Free Webinar with José Kadlec: Power of AI and LinkedIn https://www.hrmixer.cz/english-articles/793-recruitment-academy-presents-free-webinar-with-jose-kadlec-power-of-ai-and-linkedin https://www.hrmixer.cz/english-articles/793-recruitment-academy-presents-free-webinar-with-jose-kadlec-power-of-ai-and-linkedin Recruitment Academy Presents Free Webinar with José Kadlec: Power of AI and LinkedIn

Recruitment Academy presents a free webinar: Unleashing the Power of AI Tools for LinkedIn Success, available as a recording. 

The discussion of the latest AI tools and their ability to optimize your LinkedIn efficiency is led by José Kadlec, the founder of Recruitment Academy and an expert in the field of recruitment and talent sourcing. 

Prepare to learn how to use AI tools, including ChatGPT, AutoGPT, and more to boost your presence on LinkedIn and reach your target audience. The webinar will focus on utilizing the benefits of AI technology for: creating content to increase LinkedIn engagement, conducting advanced searches, developing personal branding, and interpreting and applying LinkedIn data for optimal decision making. 

The webinar is free to access for those interested in the application of AI in the field of recruiting and for those interested in gaining knowledge from a leading authority in the field. 

To access the recording, register here.

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Communicating with Generation Z from a Recruitment Perspective https://www.hrmixer.cz/english-articles/792-communicating-with-generation-z-from-a-recruitment-perspective https://www.hrmixer.cz/english-articles/792-communicating-with-generation-z-from-a-recruitment-perspective Communicating with Generation Z from a Recruitment Perspective

Generation Z, broadly defined as anyone born between 1997 and 2012, represents one of the largest and most influential demographics around the world today. As Gen Z continues to enter the professional workforce, recruiters must adapt their strategies in order to better appeal to the unique perspective of this generation of workers. 

An essential characteristic of Gen Z for employers to understand is their communication style. This manifests in two aspects of recruitment: attraction and retention. To attract Gen Z employees, employers may find they must deviate from methods with which they are familiar and tune in to where Gen Z can be found. 

Using Social Media
Cultivating a social media presence for a brand may have seemed like a waste of time and effort in the past, but now it represents an avenue in addition to the traditional application and interview processes through which Gen Z can evaluate your company and decide if it would be a suitable fit for them. Essential decisions include which social media channels to create profiles on and the type of content to post. An understanding of why Gen Z uses social media and what they are looking for when they view a company’s profile will make these decisions easier. Social media is not the only way to communicate with Gen Z, however; they understand professional communication through email, and are also open to text messaging. While some may prefer text messaging, others may perceive it as a break of the work/life balance boundary. 

TIP: See our first article about attracting Gen Z to your workplace. 

Gen Z and the Pandemic
In terms of retention, understanding Gen Z communication remains important. Managers have observed a slower development of interpersonal skills in some Gen Z employees that affects their engagement with coworkers and supervisors in the workplace and their overall integration in office culture. The COVID-19 pandemic certainly represents a major factor in this slowed development. Older Gen Z missed out on formative internship experiences and interactions with university professors in the advanced classes that occurred online, while younger Gen Z has missed essential development with their teachers and peers in their primary and intermediate schooling. These challenges can become apparent in the workplace, and some experts suggest that companies provide training in these soft skills in order to set up Gen Z for success in their company. 

TIP: Are you experiencing burnout in the workplace? Find tips here.

Values of Gen Z
If a potential Gen Z applicant feels that they will not be supported in the environment of your company, they are highly unlikely to apply. Gen Z is extremely value-oriented. Employers should openly and authentically promote their corporate social responsibility and ethics in order to recruit and retain Gen Z employees. Above all, openness in communication is an essential way to connect with Gen Z employees. Accessibility of not only the ethical values of the company and how they are implemented day to day, but also transparency in salary, how to progress in their career, and the importance of their individual contributions will allow for Gen Z to feel effectively engaged at work. 

Overall, Generation Z represents a powerful demographic that will soon become a majority in the workplace. Gen Z cultivates specific values and ideals, especially open communication, that employers must understand in order to successfully recruit and retain Gen Z employees.



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ChatGPT and OpenAI: Use in HR https://www.hrmixer.cz/english-articles/786-chatgpt-and-openai-use-in-hr https://www.hrmixer.cz/english-articles/786-chatgpt-and-openai-use-in-hr ChatGPT and OpenAI: Use in HR

Technology is moving forward and helping people to become more efficient in many areas. One of these helpers is ChatGPT and OpenAI, which is also starting to be used in HR. Although artificial intelligence is still new in recruitment, it is already proving that this model can be very useful in this area.

Take a look at the following examples of where ChatGPT can help in HR:

Automating recruitment processes

Using ChatGPT and OpenAI, the recruitment process can be automated. This means that we can use ChatGPT to create job advertisements and even search and filter suitable candidates.

TIP: Get ready for a revolution in your HR team! Watch Recruitment Academy's webinar and learn how to use new technologies in recruitment!

Automatic evaluation of CVs

ChatGPT can automatically evaluate candidates' resumes and cover letters. This process is usually time consuming for HR staff. With the help of machine learning, ChatGPT can quickly evaluate a large number of documents and identify those that best match the required criteria.

Online chatbot

A chatbot created with ChatGPT, can provide quick answers to candidates' most common questions. It can also be programmed to relay real-time information about available positions and make relevant information about the company and company culture available to website visitors.

Improving interaction with employees

ChatGPT can help improve interaction with existing employees. It can be used to create friendly and welcoming chatbots that can help employees deal with common issues, such as requesting leave or rescheduling.

Improving the training process

Another way ChatGPT can be used in HR is to improve the training process. It can be used to create interactive and personalized training materials that are 

accessible to employees anytime, anywhere.

Evaluating employee performance

Further, ChatGPT can help in evaluating employee analysis. It can be used to analyze employee performance and to create reports on the performance of a given employee that can be accessed by both management and the employee themselves.

The use of ChatGPT and OpenAI in HR can help streamline the recruitment process and make life easier for employees in this area. It is important to remember that the use of this technology should be complemented by the human factor and used to enhance human decision making, not replace it.

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How to attract Generation Z into your workplace https://www.hrmixer.cz/english-articles/780-how-to-attract-generation-z-into-your-workplace https://www.hrmixer.cz/english-articles/780-how-to-attract-generation-z-into-your-workplace How to attract Generation Z into your workplace

Generation Z behaves differently in the workplace than the previous generation of millennials. While millennials are often looking for jobs that are meaningful and meet their values, Gen Z is more focused on finances and stability. They are also often looking for jobs that allow them to have flexible hours and work from home.

Communication with Generation Z

Generation Z prefers written communication rather than calling. Many of them feel more comfortable communicating via text messages, emails and social media rather than by phone or in person. This trend is also reflected in the recruitment industry, where it is advisable to offer candidates the opportunity to communicate through their preferred channel to ensure effective communication and a positive recruitment experience. 

TIP: Wondering what's in store for recruitment in 2023? Learn what trends will dominate the job market!

5 ways how to attract Generation Z in the hiring process

Companies must be able to adapt to the needs of Generation Z if they want to attract and retain them in the workforce, read on for some possible steps:

1) Flexible working hours and home office

Generation Z is more oriented towards flexibility and working from home, so companies should be able to offer flexible working hours and of course a home office. 

2) Modern technology

Generation Z is tech-savvy, so give them powerful technology to work with that won't hold them back from completing their tasks. 

3) Interesting benefits

Instead of offering only basic benefits like health insurance and pension, companies could offer interesting benefits like in-house training programs, development programs, sports activities, etc.

4) Opportunity for quick career advancement

 Generation Z is ambitious and looking for a job that allows them to advance their career quickly.

 TIP: Read on to find out what the key to a happy working and personal life is. Want to know more? Check out this interview with coach Erikjan Lantink.

 5) The difference between millennials and Gen Z

Generation Z is generally very creative, flexible and innovative. They prefer teamwork, active communication and a high level of autonomy in solving tasks. It is also important to them that their work is meaningful and contributes to society. While having a job with flexible working hours and working based on results was very important to millennials, for Generation Z, a key factor in choosing a job is the opportunity to develop and grow at work. Unlike millennials, Generation Z is also very open to using modern technology and new trends in the workplace. For example, it is very common for this generation to use cloud applications, social media and other modern collaboration tools, as they are a generation that grew up on social media and it is common for them to spend up to 10 hours a day online.  

Today, Generation Z is entering the job market and it can be a big challenge for employers to create the ideal work environment for them. It is important to realize that Gen Z is different from other generations in many ways and this needs to be taken into account when hiring.

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3 Must-Know Tips for Recruitment 2023 https://www.hrmixer.cz/english-articles/756-3-must-know-tips-for-recruitment-2023 https://www.hrmixer.cz/english-articles/756-3-must-know-tips-for-recruitment-2023 3 Must-Know Tips for Recruitment 2023


With each new year, there is a new opportunity to reassess and retarget your personal and organizational recruitment plan. While mapping out your upcoming recruitment journey, being aware of the potential obstacles are a must to achieve key benchmarks! Often, organizations assume trends have little or no impact on their operations in one year alone; especially concerning recruitment. However, these 3 trends can make or break your plans and goals, potentially devastating company culture and making growth stagnate. It is not enough to just be aware of them, but to plan around them is to enable your organization’s success.


1. Growth Potential as a Requirement


When making a 2023 recruitment plan it starts with those already in your organization. Not only should you shape your organization’s recruitment values around existing employees, but existing employees also want to feel desired and supported. This requires an internal recruitment effort beyond just holiday gift cards and birthday cakes.


Per Microsoft's most recent Work Trend Index, 76% of employees would stay longer if there was more beneficial learning and development support. Not only that, but 56% of employees and 68% of decision-makers say there are not enough growth opportunities in their current organization.


Employees want to learn and develop as business professionals, especially the ambitious Gen Z and Millennial generations. Here are some ways you can meet their expectations:

- Ask them in which ways they want to develop and tailor your efforts

- Hold both soft and hard skill training sessions with internal and external experts

- Give them opportunities to work outside their day-to-day role, such as a job shadow program



2. We’re Human, We Need Social Connection


In the past years, social isolation was a given for the safety of those around us. However, as restrictions get lifted across the globe one thing is apparent: employees missed social connection and schedule flexibility and autonomy is preferred.


However, 73% of employees and 78% of decision makers need more than just expectation to come into the office. The previous notions of in-office work needs to change to retain talent and encourage a collaborative work environment.


The best way to encourage desire to work in-person is to facilitate and enable team building through non-conventional means. No doubt, easier said than done. However, you know your teams better than others do, so have faith. Try, for example, paintballing, rotational “game day”, or using company communication platforms for interpersonal connectivity.


3. Utilization of AI

Although bonding is important, productivity is too! Without a good balance between the two, an organization cannot be profitable or achieve its desired goals. Thanks to advances in technology in recent years, AI can be utilized to make your recruitment efforts more effective and less monotonous for your HR teams!

Letting your HR team do tasks that are interesting and challenging for their skills and development will not only create a more effective team, but (as mentioned in trend #1) encourage them to stay longer!

Allow your employees to less paper-pushing whenever possible, in numerous ways:

- Data entry and talent pool management

- Pre-qualification research prior to the first interview

- Interactive, real-time dashboards personalized to your business

And more!


AI is a wonderful, time-saving and cost-saving tool however, it must be used properly and has different uses based on industry, geography, and organization size. Do your own research on what tools work best for the organization.


TIP! Start with Datacruit’s ATS solution to effectively modernize your enterprise!

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HR’s 3 Roles in HR Marketing https://www.hrmixer.cz/english-articles/727-hr-s-3-roles-in-hr-marketing https://www.hrmixer.cz/english-articles/727-hr-s-3-roles-in-hr-marketing HR’s 3 Roles in HR Marketing

Marketing starts with human resources. Previous notions of HR and marketing responsibilities have associated them as separate, albeit still complementary, roles and efforts. However, the relationship between HR and marketing should be thoroughly unified and collaborative for an organization's betterment.

Efforts to support and build organizational culture while recruiting new members that fit into that culture is an extremely important, yet extremely difficult, responsibility. Yet, per a Robert Walters’ Whitepaper, 67% of professionals feel they have been misled about the company culture during the recruitment process. These same professionals attribute marketing and HR as two of the four leading drivers of company culture. 

As HR and business leaders, working together with your marketing teams and having knowledge of marketing operations is instrumental. This transforms a potentially critical business risk around into creating an optimized and stronger company.

3 Primary Aspects:

HR has a unique viewpoint into an organization’s well-being and future potential that is often underutilized in HR marketing. HR, as a department and career, has three primary commitments to HR marketing efforts and campaigns. These aspects help direct, inspire, and facilitate a better company culture and encourages better new matches into organizations.

1 - Vision & Company Culture

No organization exists without some sort of vision for operations, employees, or their future. However, some fail to explicitly state that vision causing HR, marketing, and other departments to only see the partial vision and core goals.

When it pertains to the HR and HR marketing vision, company culture has never been more important. In a Glassdoor survey, 77% of adults would consider a company’s culture before applying, plus 79% would consider mission and purpose before applying. 

Company culture, according to Indeed.com, is a set of both shared core values and practices within an organization, internally and externally. When a culture is well-defined and applied to marketing, it appeals to top applicant prospects who will then go on to uphold and prioritize those values.

What can HR do to uncover and shape company culture:

1) Research Your Company’s Employees

Referred to as a “Culture Audit.
- This may sound strange at first, but your organization’s current members can tell a lot about what your organization prioritizes.
Think of it as a culture-based iceberg!

2) Create Posters With Creative Marketing

- These should contain explicitly stated topics such as a mission statement or company values/vision

3) Bring in a Third-Party to Audit Your Culture

- Research the best-fit before doing this, but a culture consultant company can be extremely helpful in revealing the underlying assumptions you and your HR team may not see!

Further, mission statements can be a helpful framework to guide this vision to help develop and manage human resources programs-such as HR marketing.

TIP: If you, or your organization, is experiencing a lack of strong direction or leadership this could be your chance to show initiative! Learn how!

2 - Strategy

Without a strategy, a vision will never be completed. HR marketing strategies should be an in-depth “how” you plan to achieve the vision. Whether it is a talent pool, career page, or social media campaign; keep in mind that overtime these strategies should adapt to the organization’s needs and culture. Or if the traditional methods of recruiting are not working for your organization, try a new approach and method to get the ball rolling! 

Be as specific, authentic, and consistent as possible, to help both HR and marketing enact the vision. Candidates can sense inauthentic and inconsistent messaging, which will push potential great candidates away from applying.

Benefits to building a cohesive strategy that reflect your brand and culture include:

- Better Engaged Employees
- Positive Company Perceived Opinion
- Higher Employee Retention
- Increased Productivity & Profitability
- Quicker Open-Position Fill Time
- Reduced Hiring & Recruitment Costs
- Right Candidates, the First Time Around

TIP: Confused on how to create a high-quality talent pool? Use these definitions to help you build out your strategy

3 - Delegation & Partnership

A single person cannot man a ship by themselves, the same applies to HR marketing. Clearly, there are a lot of elements to effectively carrying-out HR marketing.

Marketing and HR efforts should always go together and this requires HR to give some responsibility to the marketing team or a third-party. It can be hard to allow others to execute the vision, but sometimes a new perspective can be more helpful and drive better results.

HR in the role of visionaries and strategists are wildly more important to marketing than most know. HR and business leaders may feel lost and unsure how to go about promoting synergy between the departments. 

Here are some helpful tips to get the ball rolling:

  • Schedule Recurring Meetings
    Whether it is daily, weekly, or monthly, HR and marketing meetings regularly can start and enable further conversations about HR marketing.

  • Sync with Senior Leadership
    Upper leadership often has been around longer than most organization members, so start with the beginning! Sync up and ask them questions about HR and marketing, explaining why they should be more interconnected. 

  • Suggest Floor Plan Adjustments
    Close proximity between the two departments encourages conversation and collaboration. Though this may seem a logistical nightmare, synergy and interdepartmental friendships would be guaranteed.

  • Interdepartmental Trainings & Seminars
    Schedule recurring training sessions and seminars about current/past/future initiatives, projects, or just a think-tank to show both sides of the coin to the HR and marketing teams.


Connecting with your in-house marketing team about their responsibilities and roles can be a helpful resource. However, they may not fully understand the reasoning behind your inquiry. In that common scenario, reach out to experts,attend webinars, or connect with fellow HR professionals to get insight on how to proceed.


TIP: HR can be a demanding career that can become dull after time. Read these 5 ways to connect with fellow HR professionals to avoid the inevitable burnout!

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